White cover with an illustration of a honeysuckle plant that contains the title.

Beyond the War on Invasive Species: A Permaculture Approach to Ecosystem Restoration

by Tao Orion Author

Invasive species are everywhere. From forests to prairies to rivers, they have the advantage of sheer numbers, and their rampant nature threaten to overtake fragile native species and forever change the ecosystems that they depend on. Typical arsenal against invasive species has included bulldozers, chainsaws, and herbicides - all of which lead to potentially dangerous and ecologically damaging eradication practices. This book offers a new approach with an alternative perspective on invasive species and the best practices for their management based on a holistic, permaculture-inspired framework. The choices we make on a daily basis are the major drivers of contemporary changes in ecosystem structure and function - with this in mind, Tao Orion proposes a conscientious redesign of our production systems. By creating deep and long-lasting ecological restoration programs, we will not only be able to eliminate invasive species but help conserve our planet, as well.