Oregon history comics box set by Dil Pickle Club, Shawn Granton, John Isaacson, Nicole Georges, Sarah Mirk, Khris Soden, Know Your City

Oregon History Comics: Box Set

by Know Your City Author, Dil Pickle Club Author, Nicole Georges Author, Shawn Granton Author, John Isaacson Author, Sarah Mirk Author and Khris Soden Author

Ten stories about Oregon’s history. Ten Oregon illustrators. Ten excellent history comics! Portland Mercury reporter Sarah Mirk and the Dill Pickle Club proudly present Oregon History Comics: 10 short comic books telling little-known stories from our state’s history.

From women’s suffrage in Oregon to the tragic Vanport Flood to the legendary all-ages venue, the X-Ray Café, this box set presents oft-dry histories in an exciting and accessible format—through bold illustrations from some of Portland’s best and brightest comics illustrators.

Whether you’re a history buff or just a casual comics reader, you’ll find value in Oregon History Comics as a way of learning more about why Oregon is the way it is today.

Collected in this box set are:
Faces of Lone Fir Cemetery — Sarah Mirk
Life and Death of the X-Ray Cafe — John Isaacson
Dead Freeways — Don Barkhouse
Portland’s Black Panthers — Khris Soden
The Streets of Chinatown — Harry Lau
Voices of Celilo Falls — T. Edward Bak
The Vanport Flood — Nicole Georges
The Lives of Loggers — BT Livermore
Votes for Women — Suzette Smith
Oregon Bikes — Shawn Granton

"Those who believe that history is a subject for dusty old books are truly living in the past. As Oregon History Comics prove, the best history is history that is compelling, engaging, and accessible to
Oregonians of all ages."
—Kerry Tymchuk, Executive Director, Oregon Historical Society

"Informative, engaging, and funny — Oregon History Comics are comics done right and history even better."
—Matt Bors, syndicated editorial cartoonist