Crawl! #3 zine cover

Crawl! #3: The Magic Issue

by Reverend Dak

This rad series of DIY resources for the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game (variant rules from familiar AD&D). In the magic issue, it goes beyond simple spellcasting to think of more engaging ways for NPCs to use magic to challenge and surprise players, and revisits Kobolds to be a more complex character rather than just stats to memorize from the Monstrous Manual, adjusted rules for magic using in return for corruption within the character and interesting examples of how that could play out, new rules for an adapted version of the 4th level spell Magic Wand, cantrips, anti-magic talismans, more than a dozen new ideas for familiars, and more. The creativity here is engaging, addictive, and gave me new interest in roleplaying games.