Moss portland water zine cover

MOSS: Perspectives on Portland's Environment: Water

Moss is a zine based in Portland, Oregon that features fiction and nonfiction about a single environmental topic in each issue. This issue focuses on water, serving as a primer and treatise about the political and ethical issues involved in an urban area like Portland. There's a story told through an interview between an activist behind bars and an Oregonian reporter. Another bit chronicles a young journalists attempt to cover a story he didn't yet feel qualified for—endangered salmon and a logging company leaking sediment into the stream. It was a young man's lesson about ecology firsthand and how dire the consequences are for our environment. There's also a guide to setting up your own rain garden, a mild amount of poetry, restoration of the Klamath River valley basin water supply, the diminished quality of Portland's drinking water supply, and so much. It's a rushing, fascinating journey here, folks!