zoom! by jennifer charrette, marcia kinne, kellie day, and george hincapie


by Jennifer Charrette Author with Marcia Kinne, Kellie Day Illustrator and George Hincapie Foreword

A three-year-old rider scoots his push bike confidently through the mountains and mud, puddles and rain, and through a desertscape studded with cactus. He proudly puts on his favorite helmet as he rides with his dog, with his brother, and with his entire family.

Zoom! is an adventure book suitable for children ages 6 months to 4 years, filled with the colorful artwork of Kellie Day and the fun, endearing rhymes created by its authors, Jennifer Charrette and Marcia Kinne. Aimed at showing children what it means to live bravely and passionately, it follows the story of an active, happy youngster and his adventures on a balance bike– a type of first bike that kids propel by running rather than pedaling.

The book sports a foreword from professional bicycle champion George Hincapie.


Zoom! is a tribute to Axel Charrette, celebrating his memory by helping other families to discover and embrace bicycling as a family activity—and a way to keep moving forward through life.

Comments & Reviews


“This wonderful children’s book is about a boy and his bike; but it’s about so much more. The confidence, happiness, and adventure that such a simple relationship can bring about is something that I wish for every child and something that the Axel Project has set out to ensure. I hope you enjoy Zoom! as much as I did and I hope you share it with the same passion that Axel had for life!”