a table full of colorful little butch dyke zines

$25 Superpack: Life & Times of Butch Dykes

by Eloisa Aquino Author, B&D Press Author and Super Pack! Author

Masculine lesbians have been doing rad shit in the world for as long as contemporary binary gender norms were a thing. Each of these little, colorful, illustrated zines serves as an introduction to either one individual or to a particular group (like Brazilian singers or experimental filmmakers) that contains an unusual number of butch dykes. Profiles include writers like Audre Lorde and Gertrude Stein, scholars like Gloria Anzaldúa and Judith Butler, musicians like Chavela Vargas, Gladys Bentley, JD Samson, and many more. This superpack includes 5 issues of the amazing Life & Times of Butch Dykes zine.