a silhouette behind bars looks out at chaos beyond

To Ruin & Redeem: How To Build a Constructive Mindset in Prison

by Justin M. Curtis Author

How to change your behavior and seize control of a better life

Justin's promising career as a skateboarder was hampered by his troubled personal life, and Florida's three strikes law landed him with a long prison sentence for breaking a window. When he got out he was more grizzled and bitter than ever and drank to soothe the pain. Before long he got into more drunken antics, another spat, and ended up hitting his girlfriend. In this zine he tells the story of his personal growth as he came to realize that his attitude and maladaptive behaviors were the root of his problems and how he learned to change them. He shares the wisdom he's learned about how to live a purposeful life, even when you're behind bars.