a person dabbing the corner of their mouth with a napkin in one corner, with various foods scattered across the rest of the cover

The Corners of Their Mouth: A Queer Food Zine

by Robin Elan Author and L. M. Zoller Author

Need some ideas for a gender reveal cake that deconstructs the meaning of gender? What food would you pair with your favorite otp?

This is a cute food zine full of recipes, illustrations, comics and quirky anecdotes. The introduction shows the creator's journey to self-love through cooking after escaping a toxic relationship that invalidated their identity as non-binary queer person. "Since then, I have been exploring being gloriously "extra" in all senses. I can be as queer as I want, as out as I want, as androgynously femme as I want."

They talk about their struggles as a self-taught cook having to learn techniques and recipes from food blogs and magazines, while having to wade through people's obsessions with gendering everything. In 2016 they started a queer food blog in an effort to bring visibility to bisexual erasure and dispel myths about non-binary genders using the hashtag #ourqueerkitchen. 

This zine invites you to their nerdy kitchen were you can eat and have a place to discuss queerness.