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How To Make Your Very Own Menstrual Pads

Industry produced pads and tampons contain Dioxin, one of the most dangerous and toxic chemicals on the planet; known to cause cancer and birth defects. Commercial tampons also contain rayon, which encourages the overgrowth of yeast and bacteria. The tampon industry alone makes more than $7 million per year off of their customers. One alternative is reusable cloth maxipads. These pads are sewn from 100% cotton (preshrunk). They contain a removable, absorbent insert (choose thick or thin insert to your preference), and they have wings with snaps for extra soaking and staying power. The underside has a slot for the insert, so you can always add more padding, should you need some. Health is more important than convenience in our opinion. You will have to wash them after each use so when you're not at home, you can carry a plastic bag with you, and save them for when you get home. Boycott the industry and start loving your body! Punk rock! Comes with instructions and information about why someone would choose reusable pads as an alternative.

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To Pablo: There are WAY more cups than just the (sometimes way too huge) Divacup. Smaller, more flexible, sometimes PURPLE cups are definitely on the market. I LOVE MY DIVACUP!


what the fuck is this hippie nasty shit, a re-usable pad is hygenic AT ALL. You may not be buying in to the "system" with their disposable tampons and pads, but atleast people who do, will be seeing the gynecologist less often then the hippies with the nasty re-usable pads.


(But be forewared) divacup isnt for everyone- one size theory doesnt apply to things in my cunt, I am disappointed the cup companies havent realized this. (sadly,I havent found diy cups to be reliable).
Thanks for having this on a sliding scale!


For women who aren't so keen on the whole pad thing or have problems using pads for sports, you might want to try a keeper or a diva cup (diva cup is better since it's silicone, not rubber like a keeper) (http://www.keeper.com/). it'd be really cool if microcosm sold diva cups, even though it's not as diy.


Hint: Eat better and bleed less!


I have read that the fact about dioxin... I read it is no longer legal.

Gracias for making alternative pads. I got over the 'gross' long ago. here is a suggestion for the less sqeamish among you ladies: Soak and rinse pads in plain water before washing. Save the water! Use it to water your plants! My husband isnt so hip to it, but my kids dont mind at all. Smells even less than fish emulsion. Plants happy, less waste all around! Yay blood!

It's true!