Tales on Tape Hits the Portland Microcosm Zine Store Tues-Thurs!

Hey Portland pals,
We have an awesome event going down in the Microcosm zine store parking lot (636 SE 11th) this Tuesday-Thursday. Here’s the official write-up from the Tales of Tape folks themselves. Come on down! Would love to see ya.
-Cosm, PDX

Tales On Tape “Contemporary Narratives” Installation

In its fourth year of collecting stories from an array of people and sounds, Tales On Tape aims to contribute an ephemeral “Contemporary Narratives” section to Microcosm Publishing. This auditory section will be complete with a listening station and recording booth in hopes of capturing patron’s personal stories, tangents, and sounds.

The recording booth, located in the front lot of Microcosm Publishing, (May 24th – 26th) will be displaying excerpts from past stories, while focusing on capturing new stories from visitors of Microcosm. There will also be cassettes with self-addressed envelopes available after the departure of the project for patrons unable to record in the recording booth. This three day event hopes to record the non-linear facets of a public milieu on the ever so linear method of tape, a middle ground between participants and project facilitators.

    Such endeavors as the “Contemporary Narratives” installation seek to act as a material space in which personal trajectories are allowed to converge and be shared. Equally, Tales on Tape seeks to become a public space, byway of various projects and installations, acting as a dynamic archive of audio artifacts. Tales on Tape has been collecting stories over the last four years and will continue to do so past the expiration of this installation.

Tales On Tape