Eberhardt/Just Seeds’ organizer book mega sale! Mega cheap! Mega awesome!

The good folks behind Eberhardt Press and Just Seeds have teamed up to create an awwwwesome 2011 day planner (think Slingshot.) These lil’ puppies are beeeautiful and feature 14 Just Seeds artists, including Icky A., Shaun Slifer, Erik Ruin, Josh MacPhee, and Kristine Virsis! The design, by Charles Overbeck, is elegant and tasteful, and features curatorial help from Roger Peet. In the back is a lunar phase calendar. Strong wire binding allows it to sit flat on your desk. Thick cardstock protects it in your pocket or your messenger bag. Totally, totally solid.

Right now to celebrate all-things Eberhardt and Just Seeds (stay tuned for an interview with Charles Overbeck and Eberhardt blank notebooks available through this site!) we’re doing a big ol’ planner sale.

Go here to check ’em out and buy ’em for $5 (marked down from $6) or just opt for a between $3-$7 sliding scale option.

These organizers are a special thing. We hope you get as stoked about them as we are!



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