The Microcosm Bookstore at 636 SE 11th Ave in Portland has been the brick-and-mortar incarnation of our primarily digital catalog, giving customers and retailers the opportunity to thumb through zines and dive into piles of patches. In order to keep this retail presence while acknowledging the costs of maintaining the space, we’re adopting the shop into a new incarnation!

By the end of January, Microcosm Bookstore will be open Wednesday & Friday 10–6 and by appointment. This allows us to more flexibly use this as an office space, doing the fun publishing work we so love, while still being available for our lovely Portland customers on a more limited basis. This includes retailers, whom we welcome to get in touch any time about making a local order. As always, you can get in touch by calling 503-232-3666 or emailing store@microcosmpublishing.com.

Thanks for all the great memories at our Portland space and we hope to create more with our new setup!

♥♥♥—Microcosm Bookstore

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