Microcosm Contest! Create Our Next $20 Superpack and Win Big!

UPDATE: We’ve extended the deadline of this until July 7th, mainly because we’re super busy and haven’t had time to check out all the entries (and also because Jessie is set to have a baby on THURSDAY.)


Hey folks! We are holding a contest to decide what our next $20 Superpack will be! For those who don’t know, the Superpacks are themed packs of zines, books, pins, stickers, patches, and/or posters valued at $25 and marked down to $20. Past Superpacks have included the Anytime Gardening Superpack, the Feminist Power Superpack, and the ever-popular Bicycle! Bicycle! Superpack.

What you need to do to enter this contest is root around on our site and come up with $25 worth of whatever (zines, books, etc, any combination of), figure out an awesome theme for it, email Jessie (jessie@microcosmpublishing.com) with your list of stuff and the name of the Superpack, and the winner will get that very pack!

Contest ends July 7th and Jessie will announce the winner shortly thereafter! Ready, set, go!


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