Anytime gardening superpack books and zines

$25 Superpack: Anytime Gardening!

by Heron Brae Author, Raleigh Briggs Author, Ian Giesbrecht Author, Robyn Jasko Author, Matte Resist Author and Super Pack! Author

We know you're hungry but with a little planning ahead and this superpack that will be no problem! Start out reading Homesweet Homegrown to learn all about how to grow delicious vegetables no matter where you live. Ok, but what if you live in a New York City apartment and it's the middle of winter? Sprouts is your answer, with it's comprehensive guide to microgreen sprouting and tasty recipes. But after all this growing and eating perhaps you are a little lost on why you would garden in the first place. Enter How and Why, the gardening book (among many other projects) that also explains the reasons to avoid all manner of gross things sneaking into your food as well as avoiding these pesky multinationals all up in your business. But what's that? You want to grow some things to heal your body? Check out Cat's Claw Herbal! And then when you're all done clean up with Nontoxic Housecleaners!

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Thank you guys for the books!! I ordered them awhile ago, sorry for just getting back. These books are amazing. You've helped me make one of my dreams a reality! <3