a zine cover with illustrations of home-made cleaning supplies

Nontoxic Housecleaning

by Raleigh Briggs Author

A zine about how to clean your house while avoiding gross and dangerous chemicals! You get: a lesson about the value of DIY cleaning, basic ingredients, some sample cleaners, and various cleaners for various surfaces. 

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Comments & Reviews


I love this zine. Yes, it's super simple, but for a dollar, its awesome to keep in the kitchen. I alter the recipes every time, but love the basics.


I'm really allergic to a lot of cleaning supplies, even past how toxic they are anyway, a lot that was in this book, I already knew, but there were definately new ideas I could use.

This is a great zine! It costs one dollar (and once you buy a copy, you could xerox it for friends, although hey! spend a dollar at an indie company and give your people a cute little zine!)