A photo of seven books stacked to show a rainbow of spine colors

$35 Superpack: Rainbow of Books

by Alexander Barrett Author, Raleigh Briggs Author, Aaron Dactyl Author, Isabelle Gauthier Author, Super Pack! Author, Eleanor C. Whitney Author and Helen Wildfell Author

We all could use more rainbows in our lives these days... so here's a rainbow of books for your shelf. They're more or less the same size and can sit beaming the DIY light of friendly, compassionate helpful skills and stories down upon you in the darkest days.

Red -- Well, Helen Wildfell's Consensuality is more of a dark pink, but it's the closest we could come, and it's all about making things work

Orange -- Aaron Dactyl's third Railroad Semantics book fits the spectrum nicely

Yellow -- Raleigh Briggs's Make Your Place is our yellowest book, and also our bestseller

Green -- Eleanor Whitney's Grow is green, and despite those two facts, it's about business, not gardening.

Blue -- Make It Last is another classic gem by Raleigh Briggs

Indigo -- Alexander Barrett's This is Shanghai is a friendly travelogue and a nice, deep dawn-sky color

Violet -- Hot Pants! doesn't just round out this stack, it is guaranteed to teach you stuff you didn't know before