$20 Superpack: Self-Quarantine Self-Care

$20 Superpack: Self-Quarantine Self-Care

by Super Pack! Author, Raleigh Briggs Author, Ashley Rowe Palafox Author and Dr. Faith G. Harper Author

We see you! Working from home, diligently disinfecting doorknobs, crafting with the kiddos, talking to the houseplants, riding out conference call lag time, having a mostly good attitude but also slowing starting to lose it. We've put together this selection of books full of projects you can do at home that'll make your life and space a little better—or at least not worse!

How and Why - Tons of projects in this book: make a cigar box banjo, homeschool your kids, plant a garden, build a bike trailer, and so much more!

Fix Your Clothes - A sweet, encouraging hand-written and illustrated guide to mending. What better time to get to all that darning, patching, hemming, and button-reinforcing you've been putting off forever?

Unf*ck Your Brain Workbook - A zine of simple, effective coping worksheets for retraining negative thought patterns, plus the meditation instructions we all need right now

Barefoot and in the Kitchen - Easy vegan recipes that use basic ingredients that you probably have in your house right now (not available in ebook version)

Read the books, do the things, pass them on! 

Looking for even more project-ful books? Here's a selection we recommend for your social distancing equilibrium