An orange, red and yellow water color splats on a white background and an image of a plant sprouting from a lump of dirt

Sprouts: Live Well with Living Foods

by Ian Giesbrecht Author

Got a grumbly gut? A healthy distrust for modern large-scale agriculture? Or just want to have nourishing food on hand, year-round, without the mess and fuss of an outdoor garden? Sprouts is the book for you! Farmer and food activist Ian Giesbrecht offers an accessible, holistic, and unique guide to incorporating sprouted foods into your lifestyle. In the modern age, many of us crave a healthier, simpler diet and a closer connection to our food sources, and sprouting can help bridge those divides. A straightforward and easy-to-understand theory of sprouting is accompanied by practical instructions, illustrations, charts, and recipes, covering many types of seeds and styles of sprouting. Simple yet thorough, this book contains enough information and inspiration to get anyone sprouting.


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Comments & Reviews


"I wish Sprouts was out years ago...Ian gets into the science of sprouting, what you can sprout and the method, what to be aware may be small, but it’s resourceful."


"Sprouts: Live Well with Living Foods is a helpful, well-researched, guidebook for those looking to not only dive into the world of sprouting and microgreens, but also have an understanding of the impact of their food. Giesbrecht reminds us that in order to eat well, both for ourselves and the world around us, we have to start thinking small. Because from the smallest seed, life can grow, and from the smallest change in our everyday actions, we can have a wider impact."