a box set of books with an illustration of a city surrounded by trees (Portland)

Urban Homesteader: How to Create Sustainable Life in the City

by Elly Blue Author, Raleigh Briggs Author and Ian Giesbrecht Author

Want to learn to make your own soap? Mend your torn clothes? Grow your own microgreens? Carry your groceries and children on a bicycle? This four book box set teaches you the basics and beyond. Authors Raleigh Briggs, Ian Giesbrecht, and Elly Blue are your friendly guides to a new, cozy, sustainable life at home and in the world. Live your own green revolution!

Books included in this set:
Make It Last by Raleigh Briggs
Everyday Cheesemaking by Raleigh Briggs
Sprouts by Ian Giesbrecht (print edition only)
Everyday Bicycling by Elly Blue