Analog Media Party

Alt textWe had a really stellar first meeting for the Analog Media Party this month after Wordstock!

It’s a publisher’s meetup group with the goals of forming both a regional publisher’s association and organizing an annual bookselling event!

We identified some things we are interested in last time: networking, brainstorming, cover review, helping each other grow, developing the business end, meeting each other, venting/kveching (a new word for me), creating a supported industry, sharing resources, and eventually developing some clout.
We envision a one day bookselling event partnered with a one day trade show with programming for publishers in Dec 2014

We’ll be having our second meeting at the Lucky Lab on 9th/Hawthorne on Nov 3 at 4 PM.



While other local festivals are extreme micro or focus on author services and promising big dreams with big publishers, the Analog Media Party is Portland’s newest mid-sized publishing festival focused on programming and networking for publishers with a bookfair for the public to sell your books!