Rampant Media Consumption #6

a page of manspressionsHere’s what’s been rocking our small worlds this week! (PS: Back our Crate Digger book on Kickstarter! Five days to go!:



This week, I’ve had an EP from Portland’s own Happy Dagger (nearly identical to Tame Impala, soft psych funk, perfectly relaxing and appropriate for a Monday morning) and Title Fight’s Floral Green (aggressive emo that immediately became a classic) alternating on repeat. I also listened to a fair amount of Kurt Vile before his show last Friday, and I still believe Waking On A Pretty Daze to be a timeless masterpiece.

Other than that, I was laughing my ass off at our upcoming educational title, Manspressions.



We were traveling this week. I brought two books: Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood and Physics for Rock Stars by Christine McKinley, but didn’t have time to open either one. Then I bought a third book, Cubed: A Secret History of the Workplace, at a little independent shop in Seattle, Phinney Books. I victoriously stayed awake long enough to read the first ten pages.


On good recommendation, I watched a Netflix documentary on the Virunga National Park in Democratic Republic of the Congo. The film, self titled Virunga, is a harrowing story of the park rangers fighting and dying to save and protect the Mountain Gorillas who live, as the last of their species, in a area set to be harvested for its natural resources. Corrupt and villainous investors and politician work with rebel fighters to enact whatever horrible means they can to kill all the gorillas, with their thinking being that if they’re all gone, there would be no reason to protect the park…

Listened to a bunch of James Brown. Inspired by the documentary I watched last week, I’ve dug into my collection of his records and been at it nonstop. Some of my favorite stuff came after Mr. Brown liquidated most of his band, The Famous Flames, and enlisted Bootsy (bass) and Catfish Collins (guitar). Here’s a pretty wicked performance featuring the two.

The New Yorker (Feb. 16, 2015) has an interesting article, Northern Lights. It A-B’s the global identity of modern Scandinavia and its laurels of utopia, against the vast spectrum of realities that are producing this identity; all of this balanced against the American dream…



Attended another Powell’s book reading about PTSD and found a lot of helpful information to assist me in my own struggles which you can read about in our excellent book Alive with Vigor: Surviving Your Adventurous Lifestyle which I had a small part in! We also sell tons of excellent works on similar subjects in our The Icarus Project collection which are also totally worth checking out!