Breathe New Life Into This: Meal Deal With the Devil

Our intern Coco is funny and perceptive and has a hilarious Twitter account. So we plopped a stack of books in front of her that, for one reason or another, we have way too many of in our warehouse, and asked her to write short descriptions of who each book is for, based only on looking at the front and back cover. She obliged, and we’ll be featuring her analyses one by one in hopes of making new matches between books and readers.

Here’s our first swing, at the greatest little golden book you never had as a kid:


meal deal book cover


Book: Meal Deal With the Devil by Dan Abbott, Corbett Redford, and Jason Chandler

What it is: A sing-along songbook for adults by cult music heroes Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits

Problem: The book’s price was too high. We originally set it at $19.95 because of its high production cost (it’s a full-color book on special paper that comes with a CD), but most readers didn’t want to pay that much. We’ve since lowered the price, but the book had already lost steam.

Market analysis: Coco says that this book is right for: 

  • A group of guy friends who formed a Black Sabbath tribute band that’s actually pretty good.

  • Dads with a sick sense of humor who love screen-printing and hanging out with their buds in the basement of the comic book shop on Saturday nights.


Is it true? Is this you or someone you know? Only time will tell.