A Day in the Life of… Intern Edition

Every few months a batch of brave young creatives joins our crew for a while to learn, explore, and help out around the office. Some volunteer for fun, experience, out of boredom, or for school credit, and every year we get more and more requests for “how can I help!” and “do you take interns?”.
So I wanted to take a minute to introduce you to what being a volunteer here is actually like, from the volunteers themselves. It’s been a while since I was one myself, so I asked a few others to talk about their average day.
Check out the juicy details below.

Jamae Ann Sabangan

Lydia Rogue

Kelsey Williams 

Want to know what happens after Microcosm? Check back later this month for a “Where Are They Now” post revealing just that. ;-D

Stay strong out there,

Cyn & the team