A large collection of therapy zines in a display box

Five-Minute Therapy Display Pack

by Faith G. Harper, PhD, LPC-S, ACS and ACN

Want to glamorize your waiting room? Or perhaps for the store that has everything, add a display pack of Dr. Faith Harper's Five Minute Therapy! Includes: 

• 5 copies of Coping Skills zine

• 5 of Unfuck Your Adulting zine

• 4 Tapping Your Way to the Emotional Freedom Technique zines

• 5 zines on Relationshipping

• 2 paperbacks of How Not to Kill Yourself

• 2 Unfuck Your Brain paperbacks 

•  3 This is Your Brain on Anger

• 4 Surviving zines

• 5 copies of This is Your Brain on Depression

• 4 Dating zines

• 3 paperbacks of This is Your Brain on Anxiety

• 3 Woke Parenting zines

• 4 zines about Boundaries

• 4 Unfuck Your Brain Workbooks

That's a total of 265 minutes or almost 4 and a half hours of therapy!

STORES: RETAIL VALUE IS $242.45 AND COMES WITH A DISPLAY BOX with 40% discount)! Want to customize a different Dr. Faith selection in this box? Drop a line.