cover of This is Your Brain on Depression

Interns Review Things… This is Your Brain on Depression

When everything goes well, we love our books. But you don’t always have to take our words for it…
In the first review of 2019, fall intern Chris shares her thoughts on This is Your Brain on Depression.

Dr. Faith Harper brings us ‘This is your Brain on Depression’; a quick and insightful read that seeks to help the reader understand how Depression affects our brains; as well as the way we think and act.

I learned about this great little book from my sister, who was so excited to introduce it to me and other members of our family. You see we all have depression. To varying degrees and with different symptoms, but depression nonetheless. Upon reading the book I can see why she was excited.

I have always retained a significant amount of doubt for books that claim to explain or help you treat depression. I generally expect to find empty self help books that promise change and do nothing but repeat the same mantras over and over again.

But in this book I found something far different. The author breaks down depression on multiple levels in order to go over the varying stages, influences, and misunderstandings. She explains it all concisely and without making the writing seem stunted, or the information seem compressed.  

The author never claims to be able to cure your depression, but rather enthusiastically walks the reader through a varied array of options to aid in the individuals quest to find their best support systems and healing methods.

At the back of the book the author has collected a variety of resources, as well as a breakdown of the different types of medications that are frequently prescribed for depression.

Everyone feels a little sad sometimes, a little hurt, a little lonely.
But when that Sadness colors your world; when the hurt almost never seems to fade away; when the loneliness is so omnipresent that you feel unbearably lonely even when you find yourself in a room full of people; If you feel even a modicum of what I just described, then this book might be just for you.

This review was written with full honesty by our fall intern, Chris. Follow her adventures on Instagram.