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My Vag: A Rhyming Coloring Book

Margalit Cutler’s book of whimsical poems and drawings celebrates the vulva in all its glorious forms. Fully colorable, with tear-out pages for your decorating and sharing pleasure. Long live the wondrous vag!

Microcosm is hiring!

UPDATE: The application period has closed for this position. We will discuss and begin contacting applicants throughout March.

Full time at 2752 N Williams Ave, Portland, OR 97227. Job is front of warehouse, helping people get their books and be happy. 

We need someone who can:

• Lift at least 50 pounds

• Demonstrate an exquisite attention to detail (we aim for 99.99% error free shipments)

• Work unsupervised

• Believes 99% in what we do but is confident to identify flaws in the system, ask questions, and bring up their own ideas about how things could be better

• Listen and find solutions that work for everyone involved

• Ability to find the shortest path to the destination

• Show up prepared and work hard for their whole shift

• Locating books and Pull/Pack orders four to five days per week (40-60% of their time)

• Respond to customer service email/phone inquiries five days per week (10-30%)

• Help walk-in customers and receive deliveries two days per week (5-20%)

• Work at least eight weekend events per year, some out of town (10%, we cover travel and lodging)

• Commit to at least two years


• All company profits are distributed to staff in the form of raises and bonuses

• We aim for (and have been exceeding) 20% annual raises 

• Employee ownership program after five years

• Options for paid vacation and professional development training programs

• Flexible hours 2-3 days per week

• Possible to work from home 10-20% of the time

• Access to company credit card for office purchasing includes snacks to share 

• Own voices focus to empower readers to change their lives and the world around them

• Access to owners, management, and other staff for clarification, direction, priorities, continued education, and guidance

No experience needed. Entry level position. Equal opportunity employer. Preference given to former intern and diverse hire. Starts at $14/hour with 90 day trial then $15/hour. Apply by February 29th by completing this application; no resume or cover letter necessary unless you believe that additional details would be helpful.