Monthly Archives: August 2020

Quit Your Day Job: Build the DIY Project, Life, & Business of Your Dreams

A practical guide for creative people with great ideas for independent projects who want to achieve success and sustainability.  Drawing on her years of experience helping people succeed with do-it-yourself projects based in independent publishing, music, food, art, craft, activism, and community work, Eleanor Whitney empowers you to clarify your vision, get organized, set goals, create a plan, raise funds, market, and manage your do-it-yourself project. The book is full of real-life inspiration and creative business advice from successful, independent businesses owners and creative people with projects that began in the do-it-yourself spirit.

Firebrands: Activists You Didn’t Learn About in School

Illustrated portraits and life stories of American heroes hailing from Chile, Canada, and everywhere in between, from the 1500s to today. Instead of the powerful rich, white folks history textbooks focus on, these pages recognize the work of grassroots organizers, revolutionaries, visionaries, anarchists, workers, and artists. Get inspired to step up and create the world you want to live in.

Bread of the Resistance

Make sourdough at home without measuring or weighing your ingredients, with the help of Tessalyn Morrison’s patient, friendly tutelage—she makes it truly easy to build up and maintain a starter, and get an excellent loaf every time. Plus lots of recipes for when you have too much sourdough or want to ferment other foods. Healthy gut bacteria, delicious food, this is the good life.

Unfuck Your Worth

Work through your feelings about money, financial freakouts, and how to achieve your goals with the indomitable bestseller Dr. Faith Harper. Figure out what your monetary baggage is all about, get angry about how capitalism makes it impossible to have a truly healthy relationship with our self-worth, and learn to align your work and budget with your values no matter what your economic status or background.