Meet the interns! Virtual internship, real-life people

Great news—we’ve got more interns! Meet the newest members of our team: Cassie Birk (she/her) and Kevin Glynn (he/him).

Where are you from/ where did you grow up?

Cassie: Grew up in Vancouver, WA right across the river from Portland.

Kevin: Born and raised in Boston MA, just moved out to Portland. 

What first got you interested in publishing?

Cassie: I’ve been a big reader for as long as I can remember. I got involved in editing with a lit journal while I was in college and never stopped!

Kevin: I’ve always loved reading and writing and was involved in some zines and poetry publications in Boston. I have been pursuing publishing professionally for the last year. 

Cassie is just visiting us from a better, steampunk universe

What’s your favorite Microcosm book/ a Microcosm book you’d really like to read?

Cassie: The Velocipede Races will always be one of my favorites! I’m also proud to be an ex-barista who owns a copy of the Coffeeshop Crushes zine [ed: RIP]. Not a book, but I am excited to get my copy of the Gold Lyre tarot deck.

Kevin: I’ve really enjoyed reading Imprisoned in Prison [working title] while I work on editing it, eye-opening and sad to hear about life in prison during the pandemic.

How’s the pandemic treating you?

Cassie: I feel like I’ve performed a dozen mental backflips. At the start of the pandemic I was trying to graduate college in a basement apartment in Iowa City with a couple jobs in food service. Now, a year later, I’ve moved back to the PNW and I’m just trying to avoid video call burnout. 

Kevin: Definitely been a crazy year, I moved across the country so that’s been stressful but also very exciting. 

Kevin, wearing his environmentalism on his sleeve

Do you have any pets?

Cassie: Not my own, but I have had many other people’s pets to keep me company over that last year. Shout outs to Benny, Lily, Milo, Marcellus, Harley, and Vincent (and their owners, of course).

Kevin: No pets personally but my roommate has a cat named Pax. 

What do you do in your free time?

Cassie: Recently, I’ve been playing lots of DND and baking sourdough bread. I also like listening to music, trying new foods, and going on hikes.

Kevin: I like to hike, read, and play board games! 

What’s one piece of media you’d recommend to anyone and everyone?

Cassie: Anyone who hasn’t listened to Welcome to Nightvale yet, totally should. Weird occult surrealism is translated perfectly to the podcast format, with awesome soundscaping and an entertaining story.

Kevin: Probably any Kurosawa movie, I love old movies and he’s my favorite director. 

Where can people find you online?

Cassie: I’m always scrolling through Twitter @BirkCassie and I’m @cheezh8er on Instagram. 

Kevin: Facebook is my only social media (don’t use it too much though).