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Autism Relationships Workbook

Relationships are complicated… especially when you’re living in a world with neurotypical expectations and assumptions. This workbook walks you through getting to know your own best qualities and then leveling up your friendships, dating, existing relationships, and sex life. Exercises are appropriate for total beginners as well as folks who want to improve existing relationships.

Unf*ck Your Body

Dr. Faith’s manual on the connection between mental and physical health is all about thinking with your guts, cooling your inflamed brain, and healing your whole self even when the world is conspiring to stress you out. Learn to sleep, eat, breathe, move, and generally feel better by harnessing the power of your vagus nerve!

Call for Submissions: Books & Bikes in Space

a victorian lady reading a book while bicycling

It’s time to start planning the tenth volume of the Bikes in Space feminist bicycle science fiction anthology! The theme for this one is books.

Submissions are now open for original short fiction about bicycling and books, from a feminist perspective. These elements need to be intrinsic to the story. Send your most creative tales of bicycle-powered interlibrary loan on the moon, characters who literally leap out of books and go for a ride, a two-wheeled revolution sparked by seditious literature, the competing stories of steampunk velocipedists, a manual for futuristic bike messengers, a Borgesian meta-library, a literal rewriting of gender norms… Have fun with this one!

I especially welcome #ownvoices submissions and work by first-time writers.

Genre: Stories can be in any speculative or fantastical genre—hard science fiction, space opera, epic fantasy, alternative history, paranormal romance, hope punk, modern fairy tales and anything around or in between. No fanfic, poetry, or erotica, please.

Word count: 1,000 – 6,000 words

Format: Google doc, MS word, Pages, text document, or PDF. Comics submissions of up to 6 pages can be submitted in thumbnails.

Payment: A portion of profits after expenses from the Kickstarter project used to fund this book is split between contributors, with a guaranteed minimum of $50 each, plus copies of the book.

Deadline: September 1, 2021

Send your submissions to elly at microcosmpublishing dot com

I respond to all submissions and share my reading notes on request.