Recipes for Disaster: An Anarchist Cookbook by CrimethInc

Recipes for Disaster: An Anarchist Cookbook

by CrimethInc Author

Recipes for Disaster comes on the heels of the CrimethInc collective’s notorious first book, Days of War, Nights of Love. This 624-page manual complements the romance and idealism of the earlier work, with both practical information and instruction. Note that it's "an" anarchist cookbook, rather than "the" anarchist cookbook (of which there are actually two, one about making bombs and the other about making soup and community). This book is about cooking up a movement, and understanding the terminology and landscape of what's out there, including topics like coalition building, affinity groups, mental health, sabotage, squatting, wheat-pasting, and more. It's illustrated. It's annotated. It's got first person stories and technical recipes and diagrams. It's got a great preface. All told, this is your one stop shop for building a fearsome career of direct action against oppression on all fronts.

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This book is, by far, the greatest book I have EVER picked up. It's full of nifty manuals on how to do things to abolish capitalism, get through some rough shit, etc. HIGHLY recomended to every person of all ages in every political party.



This is Crimethinc's answere to anyone who wondered where to start after reading Days.
This book is overflowing with recipes that are not only useful but also a lot of fun. Something new for anyone, no matter how informed or creative.


This is wonderful. CrimethInc takes a lot of crap for being vague and over-romantic, for being wishy-washy. This should silence the nay-sayers. Indispensable to anyone who might benefit from concretely living their dreams into being.

Steev Hise's review of this book