a bottle of magically red cider being poured into a mason jar

Fire Cider: 101 Zesty Recipes for Health-Boosting Remedies Made with Apple Cider Vinegar

by Rosemary Gladstar Author

Combine herbs with apple cider vinegar and you get fire cider, healthful tonics that dance on your tongue and contribute to healing all manner of ills. This book is a colorfully-illustrated love letter to all things ACV, with a classic, 70s-inspired design and packed full with recipes, projects, odes, and essays in praise of this ancient and tasty fermented tonic. Herbal maestro Rosemary Gladstar and a team of friends and experts join forces in this joyful book. Read about the history and culture of cider vinegar, then experiment with making many different fire cider concoctions, and incorporate vinegar into your salad dressings, chilis, cocktails, and desserts as part of your kitchen medicine practice.