Illustration of a man and a woman reading in bed with a table over their laps containing wine and sushi.

Reading Quirks: Weird Things That Bookish Nerds Do!

by Andrés de la Casa Huertas Author, Javier García del Moral Author and Laura Pacheco Illustrator

In this book about loving books, you'll find 72 adorably funny comics that any reader can relate to. From the controversy that is dog-earing your pages to the anxiety of lending out your favorite book, these comics capture the quirks and idiosyncrasies of readers worldwide. Illustrated by Laura Pacheco and written by The Wild Detectives, a bookstore/ bar venue in Dallas Texas, these comics began as a social media campaign to connect to readers, but eventually evolved into the book you see here! Whether you can't fall asleep without reading a couple of chapters from your favorite novel, or if you simply enjoy the smell of a new book, you'll undoubtedly catch your own habits when reading through this collection of comics.