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How to Be Well When You're Not: Practices and Recipes to Maximize Health in Illness

by Ariane Resnick Author

Even though allopathic doctors told her she would never recover from Lyme Disease and chemical poisoning, Ariane Resnick sought other options, got better, and wrote this book to help you find healing, too. Mindset, movement, connection, and food were the building blocks of her recovery, and she shares exercises, recipes, and reframing strategies for all of these, accompanied by photos. Her food prescription is loosely an autoimmune paleo diet, and her recipes really beat a lot of what's out there for that, in terms of focusing on vegetables and making it all mouth-wateringly appetizing. The best thing about this book is that she doesn't ask you to give up mainstream healing or life's pleasures—instead it's about living well and doing things that can't actually hurt you, whether or not you still pursue medical treatment for whatever your mysterious chronic health issue is. Oh yeah and P!nk wrote the foreword!