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I agree with Richard Neva, capitalism will burn down our earth into hell and we will become their slave, we should fight for our freedom..say FUCK CAPITALISM!!! LOVE SOCIALISM..!!!!
I wish I could have some real communication with those who love socialism..I'm Indonesian...I will so much happy if someone from you can contact me at my email :


This is the best (and funniest) fucking shirt!
Wait, are we allowed to talk about the shirt here? I realize I'm not adding anything to high level of political debate currently going on...

Love puns, hate capitalism.


Ahhh, the best part of these comments, and yes the shirt itself, is that without capitalism, neither would exist. To those socialists who are commenting realize that you are posting on a byproduct of capitalism; a retail outlet store!!!

The irony weighs heavy with the children, beset on all sides by hypocrisy.

Or, lol socialist-tards! Get a clue.


Capitalism is the slave master and the workers are the slaves. If you work for a living and applaud capitalism you are ignorant of the facts of life. Get a life and read Marx!




I suggest the supporter of 'capitalism' below move to Canada, learn to spell 'socialism' from their education system which is most likely superior to that of the United States. Of course, Canada is a Capitalist society, they just happened to have socialized health care, but I wouldn't expect someone who used the word "ya'll" to realize this!


it's because of capitalism that we have people saying sh*t like "sociolism".


why would we want to support a government that exploits indiscriminitly? fuck capitalism!


Huh ? are ya'll serious ? what is a better alternative .. Sociolism ?- move to Canada !