a young black boy in an antique store.

Trevon's Globe-Trotting Adventures

by Young Authors Program Editor and Jordan Morrissette Author

Trevon and his best friend Ray decide one spring afternoon, after baseball practice to take an adventure in town. Ray dares Trevon to go into a creepy antique shop, where Trevon meets a magical old man named Albert. Trevon soon learns that this shop isn't creepy but instead allows him to travel all around the world through touching the artifacts. Trevon's Globe Trotting Adventures allows readers to learn the beauty of diversity and different cultures one page at a time.

This picture book was actually written by a boy named Jordan Morrissette. And it was published by Young Authors Publishing—a nonprofit children's book publisher focused on producing diverse and culturally relevant children's books and to use book publishing as a vehicle to economic mobility for our young authors. Royalties from their book sales are deposited into a savings account for each young author to access at 18 to use toward their post-secondary plans.