Not Your Mother's Meatloaf by Liza Bley and Saiya Miller

Not Your Mother's Meatloaf: A Sex Education Comic Book

by Liza Bley Author and Saiya Miller Author

Teens and adults alike will appreciate and learn a ton from this amazing sex ed comic book, Not Your Mother's Meatloaf. Originally a series of zines, this book compiles cartoonists' and graphic novelists' depictions of contemporary issues of sex, sexuality, and sexual health in demystifying and empowering graphic format. Want real facts combined with a refreshing lack of lecturing and a wide array of perspectives on often-neglected topics in sex education like body image, queerness, and consent, as well as the usual stuff like puberty, different ways sex gets done, and staying healthy and in charge of your reproductive choices? Bam. This book does it all and then some.

If you've got a teen in your life who's in danger of getting a skewed education in all things body-related... or if that teen is/was you and now you're trying to learn new perspectives as an adult... this comic is oh so very much the one for you.