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Unbound: A Woman’s Guide to Power

by Kasia Urbaniak Author

Hey ladies! Ever feel like you can’t speak up in a group without the fear that you might be saying too much? And at the same time, the thought of speaking too little lingers in the dark void of your mind? At times, we feel like a burden, too much for others to handle from the thing we want to say. And again, by not saying anything, comes that fear of not being enough. What is this constant vibration we feel that continues us to freeze, often at times, during important moments of our lives? 

Kasia Urbaniak is no different than any of us women and teaches us the power we need and answers our questions in ways that might be surprising. Using her experiences as a godly dominatrix, her training in becoming a Taoist nun, and many other women she as brought her influence on this book, offers precise and practical guidances on how to take hold of your power and discovering your voice to speak forward.

Learn how to:

  • Embrace your desires as the pathway to your destiny.
  • Ask for—and get—what you need in your life, work, and in the bedroom.
  • Skillfully navigate hearing “no” and any resistance, even your own.
  • Flip power dynamics when someone crosses your boundaries and puts you on the spot.
  • Create new and expanded roles for the people in your life with precise, targeted asks.

Whether you’re getting crystal clear on exactly what you want, or turning the tables on a man who has shut you up and shut you down, Urbaniak’s methods teach women to stand for themselves in every interaction.

Part manual, part manifesto, part behind the scenes, Unbound: A Woman's Guide to Power is a how-to guide to face the impossible, the outrageous, the unimaginable—a field guide to living your wildest, best, and most self-fulfilling life.