jumbled tarot cards all tinged with a green hue in the background, title text front with one of the 0's as a sun and the other as a moon

1001 Tarot Spreads: The Complete Book of Tarot Spreads for Every Purpose

by Cassandra Eason Author

If you've been reading tarot for a while, you probably thought you'd seen it all. Not yet. Not until you've read this incredibly thorough book. Describing more than a thousand different configurations and layouts of tarot cards, author Cassandra Eason offers the reader a profoundly rich variety of ways to read their tarot deck. If you're thinking about making a big decision, you probably want to try reading your tarot in more ways than just the one, right? Well with this book, you can read it in 1,001 different ways. A vital reference volume for any tarot reader or divination enthusiast.