illustrated likenesses of john, paul, ringo, and george.

Biographic The Beatles: Great Lives in Graphic Form

by Viv Coot Author

It's hard to make your way through life without having heard of The Beatles at least once or twice. They were the biggest pop group of the 60's, and the soundtrack to so many of the countercultural movements that happened during that tumultuous decade and beyond. But even for the most avid fan of The Beatles, there are things that they may not know. For example, they have spent more than 1,300 weeks (or 25 years!) on the Billboard chart. The artwork for Sergeant Pepper's cost about 60 times more than the average cover art. Their first live performance on television was watched by fully more than a third of the U.S. population. These facts, and many more, await the reader of this gorgeously rendered graphic history book. With infographics and illustrations, author Viv Coot brings The Beatles to life for all of their most dedicated fans. A must read for any Beatles fanatic, and an excellent gift for the Beatles lover in your life.