an illustration of the moon with plants reaching toward it from the edges of the cover

Living Lunarly: Moon-Based Self-Care for Your Mind, Body, and Soul

by Lunarly Author and Kiki Ely Author

With this book of self-care, you can align your own rhythms with the rhythms of the lunar cycle and begin to take care of your whole being. The notion of health has involved in recent years to mean a positive flourishing rather than simply a lack of negative ill health. Through meditation, plant-care exercises, rituals, and setting your intentions, Living Lunarly encourages the reader to develop a practice that allows them to flourish. As the moon waxes and wanes, and undergoes its transformations over the course of the year, this book will encourage you to do the same, reflecting on your habits and your spiritual existence in order to gain a deeper understanding of the changes that you go through as well. Filled with suggestions for improving your life and your ability to thrive, this book is perfect for those with an affinity for the natural world who want to use that affinity to better their lives.