various mexican dishes are being served as the camera looks directly down at a full table with hands scooping a dish onto someone's plate

Provecho: 100 Vegan Mexican Recipes to Celebrate Culture and Community

by Edgar Castrejón Author

Though Mexican cuisine traditionally relies heavily on meat, author Edgar Castrejón has done an excellent and comprehensive job of translating much of this cuisine into vegan fare. Castrejón began eating vegan when he left home to go to college, and was initially concerned that his new eating habits would disconnect him from the food and culture of his youth. But with this cookbook, you can retain the flavors and spice of Mexican cooking while sticking to a plant-based diet. With most of the recipes taking no more than thirty minutes to throw together, you can make soups and stews, tacos, empanadas, burritos, quesadillas, salsas, horchata, tamarind, and more. A vital addition to any vegan's cookbook collection, and a solid addition to the library of any enthusiast of Mexican fare.