three women of color illustrated against a yellow background

Feminist AF: A Guide to Crushing Girlhood

by Brittney Cooper Author, Chanel Craft Tanner Author and Susana M. Morris Author

In this essential guide to figuring out your life as a young womxn, find advice from three ardent feminists and activists on how to be your truest self and keep the bastards from grinding you down. With advice on everything from navigating the minefields of gender, racial, and ethnic identity, to fashion choices that empower you, to managing hair that doesn't fit dominant cultural conceptions of beauty, authors Brittney Cooper, Chanel Craft Tanner and Susana Morris have got your back. Feminst AF covers politics, colorism, romance, intimacy, code-switching, sexual violence, and many more important topics that young folks, no matter their gender, should know about. An empowering and important read.