a diagonal line separates a black and white side of the cover, with a circle in the middle with half of it yellow on the black side of the line and black on the white side

The Sunny Nihilist: A Declaration of the Pleasure of Pointlessness

by Wendy Syfret Author

In this entertainingly meaningless book, author Wendy Syfret sets out to argue the positive case for nihilism. All too often, nihilism gets misunderstood as pessimism, or as a form of amoral Machiavellian power-seeking. In The Sunny Nihilist, Syfret shows the reader that nihilism contains so much more than just the negative connotations that our culture so frequently attaches to it. Moreover, she shows that nihilism is already an integral part of the way that our culture operates in the day to day. Everything we do is supposed to be meaningful, but the notion that something could fail to be meaningful already accedes to the reality of nihilism. By letting go of our expectation that our lives be filled with meaning, we can discover a more pleasurable existence. Stop searching for the purpose in all of it and just enjoy the absolutely pointless present. A vital read for an increasingly anxious culture, and a vital toolkit to help you adapt to modern life's inanities.