an ornately illustrated cover, with a face in the center, as though halfway submerged in water, with the top half in yellow with the eyes closed and the bottom half a reflection of the top half in blue, with the eyes open.

Dreamer's Journal: An Illustrated Guide to the Subconscious

by Caitlin Keegan Author

In this beautifully illustrated guided journal, author and illustrator Caitlin Keegan gives the reader the tools they need to identify common elements and themes in their dreams, offering interpretative guidance and a space to record the dream so that its meaning can be fully understood. With a rundown of the science of sleep and dreams and a glossary of places, animals, occupations, and events that might occur in your dreams and their meanings, Dreamer's Journal gives equal credence to a scientific understanding of dreams and to the personal and mystical significance they hold for us in our waking lives. For anyone looking to find a deeper meaning in their dreams, this is the place to start.