a headstone with the title on it and a hand emerging from the ground in front of it, and a rainbow over the headstone

It Came From the Closet: Queer Reflections on Horror

by Joe Vallese Editor, Carmen Maria Machado Author, Zefyr Lisowski Author, Richard Scott Larson Author and Sarah Fonseca Author

This collection of essays from queer and trans writers explores the various ways that horror has inspired and offered refuge to marginalized folks. Though much of horror has historically been rife with harmful tropes, these queer writers subvert these tropes and read themselves in to films across the genre. From the 'final girl,' to body possession, costumed villains, secret identities, and monsters lurking in the closet, there is a lot in horror films for queer folks to relate to and find themselves in. Explore the affinities between horror and queerness over the course of the twenty-five essays included in this collection.