a photo of a big mushroom with two smaller mushrooms growing up next to it

The Future is Fungi: How Fungi Feed Us, Heal Us, and Save Our World

by Michael Lim Author and Yun Shu Author

There's no denying the awesomeness of fungi. They grow in the dark, where other plants perish. They break down the waste from other organisms and recycle these nutrients into the food chain. They have survived every major extinction event in the earth's history. And today, fungi are used to aid in the production of everything from wine, to chocolate, to penicillin, and alternatives to meat, and even to treat psychological ailments like PTSD, addiction, and major depressive disorder. This book is a comprehensive guide to these incredible organisms and their potential in the 21st century. With a focus on five key areas - food, medicine, psychedelics, mental health, and environmental remediation - this volume features profiles of eighteen different mushrooms, illustrations, and a wealth of information for readers. Get excited about the future of fungi with this incredible and engaging book.