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In Focus Meditation: Your Personal Guide

In the 1970s two amateur designers set out to change the world of furniture by creating their own designs from simple cardboard and PVC pipe, empowering people to create their own inexpensive furnishings. All of their designs are lightweight, fold-able, inflatable, able to be knocked down, stacked, or disposable. In Nomadic Furniture, they teach you how to make simple beds, chairs, sofas, stools, and tables, and all of their designs are cheap to produce using recycled materials! Two early minds of upcycling, their book channels the creativity, cost-saving, and lightening of an ecological footprint. 

In this new guide from the In Focus series, learn how to delve deep within yourself to untangle the various stresses of daily life and attain a new level of mindfulness through continued practice. Including seven different meditation reference cards, this book applies a modern approach to an ancient art, instructing you in the practice of connecting your mind, body, and spirit. Author Jacqueline Towers demonstrates her expertise in this subject, and can help you further your meditation practice whether you are new to mindfulness or already make use of techniques to help you manage day to day life.

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