Green cover with a wreath of flowers that contains a wooden five-pointed star.

Green Witchcraft: Magical Ways to Walk Softly on the Earth

by Marie Bruce Author

Do you feel energized when out in nature? Do you like to surround yourself with plants and crystals? Witches have always worked with nature to hone their craft, and that deeply symbiotic relationship has has put them on the front lines of the movement to protect our environment and save the planet. Green Witchcraft is an enlightening guide that will tell you all about the practices of ethical and ecological witchcraft, including spells for witches keen to protect Earth and how to make your spellcraft as organic as possible. From foraging spell ingredients to understanding the tenets of hedgewitchery, the spirit of green witchcraft is the essence of living in harmony with the world around you, and this inspiring guide will help you do just that.

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