How to Grow Up: A Memoir  by Michelle Tea

How to Grow Up: A Memoir

by Michelle Tea Author

How to Grow Up is absolutely the story of Michelle Tea's life, of her exes, her working class roots and her youthful dreams and misadventures, her spiral into addiction, and her eventual transformation into a sober person living in a non-filthy apartment, finding a way to make her headlong literary pursuits successful in the long term, writing books, falling in love with a mature peer, and (even before that!) deciding to have a kid. But it's also about you, wonderfully and generously, the story of how you too can build a life that makes sense and works, without compromising your values and with making a ton of mistakes along the way. You'll do it differently than Tea did, and she doesn't stoop to giving you pedantic advice or assuming she knows where you're at. But she knows already that you picked this book up because you're probably looking for a role model who doesn't fit the mold, and she's ready to show you that it's ok to grow up and that you can do it your own way. 

People pitch us memoirs about their hard lives all the time. And we are always saying: Make it about the reader. Give the reader a hand up. Thanks to this book (which we did NOT publish, but are stoked to be able to distribute), we can now point folks to a supremely good example of this.