Stress Less: 100 Mindfulness Exercises for Calmness and Clarity

Stress Less: 100 Mindfulness Exercises for Calmness and Clarity

by Kate Hanley Author

From simple tai chi exercises and yoga poses to mindfulness techniques to plain old common sense advice, this book has 100 ways for you to destress in a busy stressful world--one on every page!  Flip to any page you like, and you'll find an exercise, a quote, and a detailed but easygoing description of that exercise, its purpose and its hoped-for benefits.  So go ahead, flip to a page, see what you find:

"Savor Your Thresholds"--take a moment each time you step into a new room to clear your mind and reset--your brain does this on a subconscious level anyways, as psychology research has shown (that's why sometimes you'll forget why you went into a different room), so just maximize that opportunity for a mental reset. 

"Tell Yourself Something Kind"--Break that cycle of negativity and self-criticism.  Think of one thing you really like about yourself, and just remind yourself of that whenever you start to get negative throughout the day.

"Soak Up Some Tree Therapy"--Simply spending time amongst trees is so therapeutic and both mentally and physically beneficial that the Japanese have a name for it: shinrin-yoku, or "tree bathing".  So just take a few minutes to walk amongst the trees, or even climb one!

"The Trustworthy Downward Dog"--A common all-in-one body-beneficial yoga pose, I'm sure you're all familiar with it.

"Lie on the Floor"--Yep, just lie on the floor.  It'll stretch out your spine wonderfully, and give you a moment to relax.  And you'll get weird looks from the people around you, too.  Which is quite truthfully my goal in life, so bonus!  I do this at home all the time.

(This book may contain a sharpie mark on the top or bottom edge and may show mild signs of shelfwear.)